AI Expert, Former IBM Fellow and known as a “Force for Good”

Dr. Chitra Dorai is a globally-renowned thought leader and an AI scientist. She is an industry expert and a trusted advisor covering Banking, Financial Markets, Digital Media, and Customer Care industries with extensive, global client engagement experience.

She has held positions at IBM Research and IBM Global Technology Services, and was last at IBM Global Business Services where she was an IBM Fellow (first woman of Indian origin to receive this recognition in the world) and CTO - Cognitive Solutions and Services.

Her deep R&D expertise can be sampled in these peer-reviewed publications. A list of more than 45 of her patents is also available at the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Following two decades of a highly decorated career at IBM, Dr. Dorai is currently focused on bringing the power of AI to caring for Dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

World-renowned neurologists, seasoned geriatric care physicians, and primary caregivers

Preferred partner in our journey