Sandeep Nagaraj

Client Ops Lead

Sandeep is a software engineer with 5+ years of professional experience covering responsive frontend application design and development to building scalable, high-performance systems. His work focuses on creating delightful user experience and engagement with high quality, responsive applications. He has extensive skills in web technologies and databases, and is knowledgeable about integrating with and developing server-side code.

Sandeep has worked in different domains including sales and healthcare. In his prior role with the GE Healthcare in India, he was involved in building a drugs search engine using Elastic Search. He also trained an AI based voice command application using deep learning techniques. He built applications that addressed wide ranging data presentation and visualization issues to improve the admissions/triage process in hospitals and increase utilization in acute areas. He is an avid learner of new technologies and loves to work at the intersection of multiple fields.

Sandeep received a gold medal during his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering from JNN divlege of Engineering, India. He loves coding, open source, and the web platform. He is a professional photographer and enjoys travelling and discovering new places.

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