Better Outcomes and Care Plan Adherence with our AI Advisors

As dementia progresses, caregivers feel constantly stressed due to changing needs and care plans, and increased demands on their time. Our AI-led care platform and digital advisors provide timely support to complete care plan tasks, increasing quality of life and leading to better health outcomes.

Our Advisor apps help you support families in making smarter caregiving choices and easing their caregiving journey.

Our easy-to-use digital advisor apps are available anytime, anywhere, in just about any language as trusted care partners to families for their dementia care needs. They help families tackle care plan tasks with confidence and privacy, on our secure HIPAA compliant infrastructure.

Our app locates high quality, unbiased dementia resources based on care needs

Get time-saving tips whether families are looking for respite care, an audiologist or a caregiver support group. As the need for care resources changes when the disease progresses, our advisor app is there to find hyperlocal, vetted resources.

Trusted knowledge when they need it

Families get proven tips and practical answers to their questions on caregiving challenges 24×7, increasing their competence and reducing their stress. Our AI advisor app provides evidence-based insights and recommendations for confidently dealing with difficult behaviors, hospitalizations or holidays, and for joyful activities families can do with their loved ones.

Support for care plan adherence

Our Advisor app gives families worry-free access to the most important aspects of their care plans. The Task-Support AI sends timely, personalized reminders and interactive notifications to help caregivers complete their loved one’s care plan.

Community they can rely on

Our Community Hub presents deeper education, content from world class dementia experts, and the chance to connect with others going through the same journey. Families connect, learn and share with others facing the same difficult problems in a private, safe space.

As a professional, I appreciate the different aspects included, such as the resources, well-being advisor (importance of emotional health), and the focus on Dementia/memory loss.

– Family Care Navigator

When innovation meets excellence, impressive experiences unfold. Our Dementia Care AI Advisor is now available on the RAZ Care app offered by our partner, RAZ Mobility. Click here to read about this new service to caregivers.