Expand Your Employee Assistance Portfolio with AI

Employers face costly workplace disruption from employee dementia caregiving responsibilities. Expand your EAP offerings with our suite of self-service AI advisor apps, enabling your clients to extend elder care specific employee benefits to their workforce.

Our AI Advisor apps and care platform make employee caregiving decisions easier, smarter and faster.

Our easy-to-use digital advisor apps are available anytime, anywhere, in just about any language as trusted care partners to your client’s employees for their elder care needs. Our self-service solutions help employees manage dementia care tasks with efficiency and privacy, on our secure HIPAA compliant infrastructure.

Our AI Advisor quickly locates high quality, unbiased dementia resources based on employee needs

As the needs for care resources change when the disease progresses, our digital advisor is there to locate hyperlocal, vetted resources. Your clients’ employees save valuable time.

Trusted knowledge when they need it

Employees get the benefit of proven tips and practical answers to their questions on caregiving challenges 24×7, increasing their competence and reducing their stress. Our advisor app provides evidence-based insights and recommendations for confidently dealing with difficult behaviors, hospitalizations or holidays, and for joyful activities employees can do with their loved ones.

Boost well-being in the workplace

Enable your clients to enhance their workforce well-being. Our Well-being Advisor app provides tools for employees to self-assess their stress levels and adopt strategies to avoid burnout. It helps them monitor and improve their own mental state, and track cognitive changes in their loved ones.

On-demand organizational insights

Our reporting and insights dashboards, delivered on our secure HIPAA compliant infrastructure, provide your clients quick access to anonymized and aggregated trends at the workforce level about service usage, care load and organizational well-being needs.

I’m happy for the opportunity to offer this platform to the caregivers we serve.

– Intake Specialist

When innovation meets excellence, impressive experiences unfold. Our Dementia Care AI Advisor is now available on the RAZ Care app offered by our partner, RAZ Mobility. Click here to read about this new service to caregivers.