Vaishnavi R Nathan

Tech Ops Lead

Vaishnavi is an experienced full stack web developer, proficient in both front-end and back-end languages and frameworks. As a polyglot developer, she has extensive skills in web application design and development, multiple frameworks, libraries, and tools. Having spent many years in the IT sector working in a variety of roles, she is well-versed in both business logic and user experience and is well-equipped to guide and consult on technical strategy also. Her past work has spanned client projects in multiple industries from customer care, mortgage to healthcare.

A highly-skilled and reliable consultant, Vaishnavi, in her previous role worked on a SaaS-based, ITIL compliant, hosted helpdesk and asset management application for businesses of all sizes. She was involved in the complete SDLC of specific modules in the product, from DB modelling to the UI/UX, with a special focus on the administration of the product. Most recently, she was responsible for building a lead capture mobile application for prospective home buyers, thus helping a client to move away from paper-based data intake forms and eliminate the manual work of keying in data captured on paper forms into a workflow system. In this project, she employed techniques from robotic process automation. Vaishnavi is passionate about learning new tools and technologies, and her current focus is on building robust AI solutions involving chat bots and voice assistants.

Vaishnavi has received awards and recognition for her scholastic achievements such as the “BEST STUDENT AWARD” in 2008 and 2009 and 1st place in “ANNUAL ABACUS AND MENTAL ARITHMETIC GRADE EXAM” in 2004. She is also active in sports, having participated and won in basketball, relay races, and shotput competitions. An avid badminton player, Vaishnavi enjoys still art and motion pictures in her free time.

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