We have partnered with RAZ Mobility to bring you our conversational AI tool, Dementia Care AI Advisor, on the RAZ Care app. RAZ Mobility offers the RAZ Memory Care Phones and the RAZ Care App to families living with dementia.

Our Dementia Care Advisor is a conversational AI tool that makes caregiving easier. Ask a question about dementia and the AI Advisor will provide a trusted hallucination-free answer. It is easy to use and understand, whether you talk or type, speak English or any other preferred language, or have limited computer savvy.  

The Dementia Care AI Advisor is trained on trusted sources of clinical data, providing reliable advice to all the challenging questions faced by caregivers of people living with dementia as the condition progresses.

Learn more about where you can get this: https://bit.ly/41SUyU6

We provide point-of-need knowledge, training, and support to family caregivers and care professionals who can access it anytime, anywhere using our Artificial Intelligence-powered mobile app. To learn more, visit Amicus Brain.

You can also connect with us to learn how our advisors provide you stress-free, accurate, and unbiased advice in a natural and intuitive interaction mode to help you make smarter choices and improve the quality and speed of your caregiving decision making. Request a demo today at https://amicusbrain.com/request-a-demo

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